During the COVID-19 pandemic businesses have seen their normal environment change in the blink of an eye. One day your company was working normal hours and now you could be working overtime or no hours at all. Therefore, we wanted to write a blog that could provide you ideas for the multiple different situations that are happening in our world today. Please keep in mind that Tee Jay Service Company is based in Aurora, Illinois, meaning our stay at home order will not end until May 30th. Therefore, we have another month before we start to get back to normal.

                Below, you will find a list of actions you can take if you are permanently home and not working, or if you are working but your schedule has completely flipped.

You are told to stay home…so now what?

                Alright, if you are reading this section of the blog it is probably because you worked for a business that relied heavily on citizens being out and about. There is a chance that when businesses open back up, you will have your job back. In fact, your boss could have told you that. But, in these unpredictable times, there is no guarantee.

                That is why it would be good to take this time to take a deep dive into your career. And really dig, you have the time, right? Below is a list of questions to help you get started.

Are you excited by the idea of going back to your job or not really?

If you are not, why? Think of general reasons.

Is it the job environment that you are concerned about (coworkers, managers, etc.) or is it the job itself?

If it is the job itself, what jobs have you seen recently that you would want? If the problem is your coworkers, it is time to talk to your manager when you all get back in the office.

                Make a list of the jobs you have seen recently that you would like to have and start thinking if a career switch would be a reasonable avenue for you. If you think you need a career switch, make a list of tasks you would need to start accomplishing in order to make it happen (online classes, updated resume, etc.)

My schedule is different…so now what?

                A lot of us in the workforce are working on a unique work schedule. The business you work for may be an essential business but due to restrictions or lack of demand, you could still be working less. Or when you are in the office you do not have a lot of your normal tasks to do.

                Therefore, below there is a list of tasks that may need to be taken care of at your office that you can start working on!

Take Inventory – This is a task that needs to be done if you are a service company or any type of store. Also, any employee could do this task if they are not busy.

Follow Up – This is the perfect time to follow up with customers you have not been in contact with in a while. Maybe there is a project they are planning for that you can become involved in.

Catch Up – Are you behind on your paperwork? Or how about that one file you have been dreading going through. Now is the time to tackle tasks that are not exciting but need to get done.

Refresh – Now would be a great time to continue your education. A lot of platforms are offering free classes due to the pandemic.

                We hope this helps take care of the extra time on your hands! Remember to give us a call for any of your automatic door needs at 630-406-1406.