We all know that communication is a necessity, but sometimes it is hard. Especially between upper management and employees. With the day to day grind compliments that should be said are not always given.

According to Clear Company, 69% of employees said they would work harder if they were better recognized (link to article below). There are so many avenues to offer recognition, why not implement one to help your team better recognize your employees.

Here at Tee Jay Service we decided to start an internal company newsletter. The newsletter is broken into five major sections: Event Recap, Always Be Closing, Social Media, Funtivities, and Upcoming Events. This newsletter is sent out via email at the end of every quarter.

The Event Recap section is to let everyone know what events some of the staff has been attending. Whether it be a certification course or a networking event.

Always Be Closing is a great section because it gives the whole company an outlook on what we had accomplished during the last quarter. We use this not only as recognition but also motivation to sign up just as many jobs during the next quarter.

Our Social Media section is to inform employees of the current status of our Facebook page. We encourage them all to follow it and help our marketing coordinator achieve the set goals for number of follows and likes.

Funtivities is by far the most entertaining section of our newsletter. This section provides a recap of the various posts that have been made and the current numbers for how many followers and likes the page has.

Upcoming events is the final section of the newsletter and it helps our employees mark their calendars for upcoming company parties. Every month we try to have a moral boosting event to help keep employees motivated and engaged. One of these events is having a desk decorating competition for each holiday. Not only does it up the competitive edge in the office, but it also makes our workspace more personal and cozy.

We have seen great employee engagement since sending out this letter. The best part about sending out this letter is that it is internal meaning only our employees see it. This way we can tailor it to be more personal and family like compared to what we would send our customers.