Here at Tee Jay Service Company we want to provide you a quick solution to any and all of your automatic door needs. We understand how inconvenient it is when your buildings doors are not operating properly, and we are always here to help resolve the problem and get your doors back on track.

When you call (630) – 406 – 1406 and ask for service you will be asked a series of questions about the door, such as when did the door stop working properly? This is so we can provide you with the most timely and efficient solution. A technician will be sent to the door location based on the order it was received in.

The technician will then service the door and will inform you if the door needs further inspection or parts ordered. Once the door is operating correctly, your company will be invoiced via our accounting department.

Tee Jay Service Company offers a wide array of products and service solutions. If a company wants frequent service for their automatic doors, we offer Preventive Maintenance. Meaning, a contract will be drafted between the company and Tee Jay Service Company that states when a technician will come to the building and service any door that is operating inefficiently.

Tee Jay Service Company always encourages our customers to call for any and all automatic door needs. If you have a question or need service, please call (630) – 406 – 1406 anytime between 7AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday.