Time and time again companies will claim that branding or marketing does not matter for a business. That if there is a need for the service they provide, customers will come. Unfortunately, that just is not true. Branding is a cornerstone of your business and it is very important to the customer experience. Your companies brand tells the customer what to expect and helps you become more recognizable to them.

            Think of the most popular companies to date. Nike, Amazon, Under Armor, etc. Chances are you were able to think of their logo and slogan the company is famous for. This is what your company should strive to reinvent with your target audience (main customer base).

            Recently, here at Tee Jay Service Company we have begun a rebranding initiative. Nothing was wrong with our previous branding; it was just inconsistent. Decisions needed to be made about what we wanted TJS’s brand to represent.

            The first thing we did in our rebranding initiative was identify what aspects of our brand were inconsistent. The first inconsistency we found was in our brand colors. Some logos were printed with navy blue and maroon for colors whereas others were printed with a bright red and royal blue. For this we decided which set of colors looked best and would fit our brand better. We decided to move forward with the bright red and royal blue as it is more noticeable compared to the darker maroon and navy.

            To other people this may not seem that important. However, there are many negatives to your brand not being consistent that you may not realize. The first is that if outside customers see differences amongst the company it gives them the impression that the company is not as reliable. How would you react if you were looking at a company’s website and their logo is completely different compared to the one you see on their van that shows up provide you a service? You will most likely have some questions.

These types of questions, this little inkling of doubt, is what you as a company want to avoid. It is your job to be as consistent as possible. Therefore, TJS made a rebranding plan. We immediately started to phase in the new logo colors on all our printing. This meant going through color codes, lots of test printing, and digging through what we currently had printed. 

But making a great brand is not easy. It takes creativity and dedication. It means taking something that was considered finished, down to the skeleton again and deciding to make it better. Working on your company’s brand and making it better takes dedication and means you must make the choice to live by the brand you present to your customers whenever you are working. It is not easy, but it is completely worth it when your brand is recognizable and successful.