Tee Jay Service Company is constantly striving to provide not only the best quality door service, but the best customer service in the Chicagoland area. As a company with a strong passion for providing quality products we want our process to be transparent as possible.

Here at TJS we promise our sales staff is properly educated and equipped to get you your automatic door solution in the smoothest fashion. If you call for a quote, you will be asked for a job location so you can be sent to the proper sales associate. Once transferred, the TJS associate will determine if they can draft you a quote with the information you provided, or if we may need a closer look. If we need a better idea of what your needs are, a salesman will come and visit your business then draft a quote for you afterwards.

TJS assures you that our sales staff will be in contact with you and help with all the details along the way to make sure that your door installation or repair goes off without a hitch, it is what we do best. Parts could be needed and the scheduling of technicians, but you will always be notified of these steps along the way.

If you need a quote, please call (630) – 406 – 1406, Tee Jay Service Company is more than happy to help.